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What are meal replacements?

They are portion-controlled, calorie-restricted meals. At Via Christi Weight Management we use HMR® meal replacement products exclusively for our weight management patients. They are great-tasting, satisfying and filling, convenient, portable and shelf-stable. The HMR® shakes, soup, entrees and nutrition bars are delicious high-quality meal replacements that can be an important part of any healthy, well-balanced diet plan.

HMR’s line of meal replacements is the result of more than 20 years experience in comprehensive, medically supervised weight loss programs. They were originally developed for use by physicians and health professionals in hospitals and medical centers offering the HMR Program for Weight Management™. The HMR® products are designed to promote better compliance with a weight-loss regimen. The Via Christi Weight Management weight loss patients use them under medical supervision as part of a low-calorie diet. Our weight maintenance patients use them as tools in combination with regular foods to offset unwanted calories.

HMR® meal replacements make cents.

Using HMR® shakes and entrees for weight management can be a real money saver. The USDA and U.S. Department of Labor report that the cost of food eaten at home plus the cost of dining out averages $101.50 per person per week. How does that compare to being on an HMR® diet plan? Consider that a cup of coffee and a muffin cost around $3.75. Compare that to just over $2 for an HMR® shake with some fruit. For approximately $4, you can enjoy a full meal made with an HMR® entrée and vegetables. Using HMR® meal replacement products saves money, calories and fat, and provides excellent nutrition.

More good news for your budget.

Many people no longer need certain medications as a result of weight loss, which means less money spent on prescription drugs!

Research supports the use of meal replacement products.

More than 50 studies demonstrate that meal replacements produce substantially greater weight loss and weight maintenance than standard diets. These studies conclude that people using meal replacements lose and maintain, on average, more than three times as much weight loss as traditional diets. Furthermore, no scientific studies have found any traditional diet to be more effective than the use of meal replacements. One study showed that people who used meal replacements over a 10-year period weighed 33 pounds less than a matched control group of people who did not use meal replacements.